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Karina QuintansOwner and Published Technical Writer, Write on Mission LLC

It’s so nice working with someone who clearly loves what she does.”

Karina QuintansWrite on Mission LLC is a woman-owned small business providing technical writing services.

I love to write. And I love the learning and discovery that comes with writing, whether from reviewing source documents, performing research, but most especially, from conducting interviews.

You see, learning, new experiences, and discovery were ingrained in me from a young age. This is in large part because I grew up living and traveling around the world, constantly exposed to something new. As an adult, I have continued to travel to have new experiences. Becoming a technical writer has been another way to incorporate continuous discovery into my life.

Add in that my friends and colleagues have always said: “you’re a good listener.” Yep, that’s what I do, I listen. And my analytical self asks questions, and then I listen some more.

Why? Because you’re interesting. What you do is interesting — your mission, how you plan and execute that mission, and ultimately succeed in your mission. That’s all interesting.

Uncovering that story, your story, through interviews and conversations, jotting down notes, and then analyzing and processing that into a coherent, well-organized document is what I love to do.

And the icing on the cake? I am externally motivated. Helping others is what I am best at and most driven to do. Achieving your mission, is my mission. Writers write to tell story. And I want to tell your’s. I am here to both highlight and ignite your mission!

That said, developing a good technical document is a two-way street. If you’re all in and enjoy talking to a good listener, I am 200% yours! So let’s get to work, and make a positive impact on the world!

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Experience Summary

  • Over 14 years of experience providing technical writing services for businesses and nonprofits (domestic and international)
  • Member of the Society of American Military Engineers
  • Member of the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire

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I wanted to take a moment and offer my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to have Karina on our team during our recent [project]. She made herself available and was always more than willing to help, travel, assist, and coordinate a sometimes difficult group and was always pleasant to work with. I commend her for her professionalism and dedication to the project.”
— Rick W. Durham, Director, Homeland Security Division, AhtnaSTS

In My Free Time

The world is a huge and fascinating place to explore, so travel continues to define my life. When home in Portsmouth, NH, I like to ice skate at Strawbery Banke in the wintertime. In the summertime, I enjoy the beach, music shows at Prescott Park, and the farmer’s market. In the fall, my favorite time of year in New England, I hike and enjoy all that comes with fall — Sunday football, colored leaves, perfect 70 something-degree days and cool nights, and all things pumpkin! Downtown Portsmouth has lots of great places to get together with friends. I could go on and on about all the fun things to do on the Seacoast; it’s a good life!

I am also involved in the community in a variety of ways. Read more about my civic engagement work »