What colleagues and clients are saying

Karina has been a valued contributor to The Military Engineer magazine for several years, primarily as an author but also as a contributing editor. Her writing is crisp and well-researched, and she also has a unique storytelling ability, which is rare for technical writing. Her articles tell stories. They are enjoyable to edit; she does an excellent job of highlighting the unique work done by engineers and constructors in support of our military and communities around the country. Twice her work has been selected as the cover story for TME and in 2017, she was given the greenlight to develop a special three-part series on environmental restoration in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands — the first multi-part feature in many years for TME.” — Stephen Karl, Editor-in-Chief, The Military Engineer
Karina had no prior experience in the area we were working with. But she conducted interviews, did her research, and ultimately exceeded my expectations… In the government contracting world, creating a document that garners NO comments is outstanding!” — Jeremy Reams, Project Manager, AhtnaSTS
Karina has strong character — she doesn’t just get the job done — she really cares about what she is doing.” — Brad Clark, Program Manager, Ahtna Engineering Services
[Karina’s] approach to her work is great — she listens, is easy to work with — you don’t feel pressured by her but she makes sure the work is done at a very high level.” — Craig Losby, Site Manager, Ahtna Engineering Services
You are awesome by the way! I can’t believe you can make such an awesome document out of so little from us. Truly a talent!” — H. Van Norman, Geosyntec Consultants
… for not knowing anything about this, thank you for bringing so many moving parts together in a consistent approach and manner. Between the quals and this, I think you’ve done a great job!”— S. Herbert, Arcadis
The project turned out great, the outcome was better than I had hoped, you really did a great job… the final product would not have gotten done without your leadership.” — M. Lilly, [former] V.P. Danaher Controls
… efforts on this [document] exceeded all expectations… writing was brilliant and focused and helped us not only on this effort but as an example for the standard of excellence required for winning proposals.” — E. Nesbit, Director, Federal Programs, Geosyntec Consultants

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