Technical Writer, Non-Technical Photographer

My first creative love was photography.

I was 11 years old when I got my first camera, a Pentax SLR, the perfect gift to receive that first year my family became expats living in Saudi Arabia. Once I started snapping, I was immediately in love with taking pictures. From Pentax, I moved on to a Nikon FM that I inherited from my dad when he upgraded to the latest Nikon model.

For whatever reason I loved my Nikon FM the most, even though I eventually inherited newer models from dad. The FM traveled with me around the world multiple times. As we all know, things back in the day were built to last, unlike today’s gadgets. That was lucky for me since my FM took a beating, but amazingly, never broke nor failed me.

Then along came digital photography, which was, of course, intriguing and fun. Still I continued to love film and my FM camera, and loathed the thought of giving it up. Eventually, with the phase out in printing pictures from film, I could no longer avoid the switch to digital, so I caved and got a Nikon DSLR. But I say this sheepishly; I never really caught onto the new technology. Using my Nikon FM SLR was so second nature to me and I just couldn’t embrace the DSLR in all its fabulousness. 

Anyway, I stayed with it for about 4 years, while also taking on iPhone photography (“iPhoneography”). Eventually I noted that my friends never really seemed to notice the difference in my photos whether they were DSLR or iPhone shots — they enjoyed both! So I decided to give up the DSLR and be a dedicated iPhoneographer. I never was a very technical photographer anyway; only ever took one class in my life. I just trained my eye and learned how to frame shots. It worked because people have always enjoyed my captures and told me I have an eye for photography.

I can’t not take pictures–I see something artistic and beautiful in most everything, from the grandest of scenic vistas, to the tiniest of details found on a fallen leaf in the woods.

I sometimes still miss my D/SLR cameras, and esp. my favorite — the Nikon FM. But these days, when I can hardly travel without my laptop in tow, it sure is nice carrying the very compact iPhone with me instead of a whole bag of DSLR camera equipment.

By the way, all landscape photos featured on this website are mine. Can you tell which ones were taken with a D/SLR versus an iPhone? 🙂

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